• Why SageCX?

    SageCX helps the business to

    1. Identify the “Why” of a business problem related to customer experience
    2. Understand the “Severity” of feedback based on its impact caused at scale and align it to the respective action takers
    3. Have a customer-centric view of the experience delivered


    Root Cause Analysis

    Understand the root cause behind customer experience enabled by

    Extracting and contextualizing issues and problems from customer interactions using in-house customized NLP & ML algorithms

    Contextualizing the issue and problems identified to the customer segments, types, journey, life cycle, etc., to answer “who is facing it” and “where”

    Impact on Operational KPIs

    Identifying the historical impact relationship of a problem derived from customer interactions on Operational KPIs through algorithms to understand the scale of the problem

    Prioritization of problems derived from customer interaction based on value and severity, considering the customer value and historical impact observed on Operational KPIs

    Customer Journey Lens

    Align contextual insights to the customer journey to enable prioritization of issues from a customer’s lens for CX Strategic Roadmap


    NLP/ML on Customer Interactions:

    • Generate problem statements from the collection of interactions
    • Extract the questions asked during the interaction to enrich the understanding of customer problem

    API Based Integration:

    SageCX can co-exist with client call-center, Survey, and CX engagement platform

    Self-Service Report

    Schedule auto reports to track topics over time or set behavioral triggers

    Call Audit:

    Identify and validate sections of voice conversation, and assign sentiment to each section

    • Industry Specific Modules: Configurable modules for Customer Journey and Operational KPI mapping
    • Industry-specific Data cleansing and NLP modules for intelligence extraction


    Viswanath RT

    Associate Principal – Hospitality, Telecom & Hi-Tech

    Experience in delivering top-line & bottom-line impact through AI-based solutions

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